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4 Reasons Why You Might Need Notary and/or Commissioning Services in Oshawa.

There are a variety of different procedural steps that require Notary and/or Commissioning Services in Oshawa.  Mr. McDermott and his team have created a focused and devoted service that caters to each individual client’s requirements.

Here are five different reasons why they might need this service.

Real Estate Transactions

Whether you are buying or selling a home or other type of property, the documents need to be authenticated. A notary can confirm the signatures on mortgage and other documents are credible. The official seal or stand that gets used confirms that all the parties are exactly who they say they are.

Writing A Will

A Will is a legal document that may require an Affidavit of Execution, which needs to be notarized. This is the best way to prove that your Will is valid. Notary and/or Commissioning Services in Oshawa and surrounding Superior Court locations involve bringing the document into a lawyer’s office so it can be signed. It’s helpful to really prove that you were the individual that signed the will and that you were of sound mind at the time.

Travel Letters

These are recommended for everyone under 18 years of age who is travelling alone. It is possible Canadian border services can turn you away if you’re traveling along with minor children without one of these letters.

Taking a travel letter of consent with you is evidence that your ex or partner understands and has agreed to the excursion. Travel information and some type of government issued ID can be brought in to get these letters notarized and witnessed.

Promissory Note

Lending money is another situation where you should have a notary involved. This may not be a full proof method to get money back from a colleague, family member or friend. However, it gives you some legal proof that an agreement exists.

Notary and/or Commissioning Services in Oshawa are important for several different reasons. The McDermott Family Law team has a priority and that’s to alleviate stress when you are going through legal matters. Mr. McDermott is experienced. His career portfolio includes working with some of the most well-known family law firms in Durham Region.

If you need Notary and/or Commissioning Services in Oshawa, The McDermott Family Law team is ready to help. Please call us at 647-535-4326 or Book a Consultation. We are here to help you with a variety of different family law issues.

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