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Spousal and Child Supportin Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts

Spousal and Child Support in Oshawa:

If you’re separated or considering separation the McDermott Family Law Team can help you with spousal and child support questions within the Durham Region in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts, including but not limited to Peterborough, Lindsay, Newmarket and Cobourg Superior Courts.

Retaining legal representation as early as possible in the process will help you become better informed of all of your legal rights.

Child Support:

When relationships break down one of the hardest issues that parents need to deal with is the care and management of family financials and how they may impact other relevant parenting issues such as care and decision-making of any children of the relationship.

Child support and care of the children, with a focus on their best interest, has extensive issues and authorities under the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Children’s Law Reform Act, Child Support Guidelines, and relevant case law.

Our preference at McDermott Family Law is to settle out of Court whenever possible, however, Mr. McDermott and his team also have extensive experience in litigating matters, when necessary. Let us help you through the process and contact Mr. McDermott to learn more.

Spousal Support

It’s important to remember that under Ontario law you cannot avoid paying spousal support to an ex-partner that is entitled to receive it. Keep in mind that you do not need to be divorced to claim this type of financial support, however, you do need to be separated. It should be noted that not every spouse/partner is entitled to this type of support. Similar to child support, the appropriate legislation and relevant case law will assist in reviewing and narrowing of the issues relating to spousal support, including but not limited to the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines (“SSAGs”). The McDermott Family Law Team has experience when it comes to spousal and child support issues in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts. For more information about spousal and child support in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts, please book a consultation with our team today.

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