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The McDermott Family Law Team has a focused and devoted service that looks after clients’ financial and emotional needs within their parenting family matter in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Court locations, including but not limited to, Cobourg, Newmarket, Peterborough, and Lindsay Superior Family Courts.

One of our primary focuses is to alleviate the stress involved in these matters. We are happy and proud to serve clients in and around Oshawa Superior Court jurisdiction and other surrounding Courts.

We’re here to help you with a transition into a better life for you and your child(ren). Our team of legal experts understands how some of the most critical and concerning decisions that are made during Divorce or separation are those relating to the children involved.

We understand how certain issues can become emotional and contentious during separation. Those include how care and decision-making decisions may impact other areas and issues such as division of property, spousal, and child support, travel, relocations, etc.

Parenting Time/Care and Decision-Making in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts

Shared of Equal Parenting Time/Care:
As the name suggests, under this arrangement, both parents have an equal legal responsibility to make decisions about the child(ren). Decisions can be made through consensus or deferred from one parent to another. Whether or not there is conflict between both parents, the focus need be on the best interests of the children, and it is those parents that can focus on that understanding that will avoid potentially unnecessary frustrations and resolve their issues, whether they be financial or emotional, and permit the children to focus on what truly matters – their needs and their future.

Custody and Access (previous Divorce Act):

Physical time with children was previously referred to as access. It refers to the time that each parent gets to spend with the child. Previous decision-making over the children’s needs was referred to as custody. Whatever the legal terms are, one thing remains constant and priority, being the best interests of the child(ren).

The McDermott Family Law Team can help you with these types of issues pertaining to parenting time and decision-making. Our team is proud to provide a devoted and focused service in these and other areas. We attempt to focus on each individual client’s needs and simplify the process for them. Get in touch with Mr. McDermott today to learn more about Parenting and Decision-Making in Oshawa Superior Court and surrounding Family Courts.

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